Beautiful Cornices
·   Light Weight     ·   No Sewing     ·   Fun to Create
·   Easy to Install     ·   Professional Looking

How many Cornice & Extensions Kits do you need?

All Optimized Kits & Extensions ordered must be of the same style and drop (height).

By Optimized, we mean that we are using any unused portions of the 16 or 24 inch sections (from one cornice kit and kit extensions) to build another cornice. By using this excess, we may be able to reduce the number of extension kits needed.

We'll need the following information:
  • Choose Outside Mount or Inside Mount
  • Choose the Style (Avalon, Brandenburg, Cosmopolitan, Dawn, Elenore, Grand, or Tudor)
  • Choose the Drop (height) of your new cornice.
  • Choose the Overlap (length that the cornice will extend beyond your opening on each side) Overlap applies to outside mount only.
  • For each window or door that you have, enter the Inside Opening measurement in inches NOTE: If your opening has moulding around it, enter the outside of the moulding on the left side of your opening to the outside of the moulding on the right side of the opening and add 1 inch. And for the overlap, enter 0 (zero).
  • After entering the final Inside Window Opening measurement is entered, click the Submit button, and we'll show you what to order!
Choose Outside Mount   or   Inside Mount
Choose the Style Avalon     Brandenburg     Cosmopolitan     Dawn     Elenore     Grand     Tudor
Choose your Drop (Height)
Enter your Overlap inches (not required for inside mount)

Inside Opening for Window/Door 1
Inside Opening for Window/Door 2
Inside Opening for Window/Door 3
Inside Opening for Window/Door 4
Inside Opening for Window/Door 5
Inside Opening for Window/Door 6
Inside Opening for Window/Door 7
Inside Opening for Window/Door 8
Inside Opening for Window/Door 9
Inside Opening for Window/Door 10

View our to see how easy it really is.

We will .

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