Beautiful Cornices
·   Light Weight     ·   No Sewing     ·   Fun to Create
·   Easy to Install     ·   Professional Looking

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Cosmopolitan Series
Cornice Kits

Our Cosmopolitan Cornice Kits have a flat front surface for our customers looking for a plain, simple look.


Please review our to learn all about our Cosmopolitan Cornice Kits.

Included with your are enough extension pieces to achieve your desired length, 2 end caps (returns), and mounting hardware.

If your cornices do not need returns (end caps), you do not need to order Inside Mount Cornice Kits.


can be installed in one of 2 ways:
  1. By using 2 L-Brackets attached to the mounting surface at each end of the cornice.
  2. Simply order the number of extension kits to accomodate your length PLUS one additional mounting bracket.

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